Our Property quite simply speaks for itself!  Here at Tatum Creek Hunting Camp, we enjoy and cherish the privilege to hunt Trophy Whitetails.  Tatum Creek offers some of the “BEST” Alabama Whitetail Deer Hunt habitat that Dallas County has to offer.  With several thousand acres managed to the extreme, harvesting a Trophy Whitetail is only a phone call away! For a great deer hunt in Alabama, Tatum Creek offers the hunter over 30  different types of stands, including ladder, tripod, and for the cold natured hunter – insulated shooting houses.  We have implemented a supplemental feed program which included the feeding of protein pellets, planted soybeans, and corn.  This will help to ensure our Whitetails the maximum nutrition and the maximum growth. Hunting Pressure on your Alabama Deer Hunt- NOT A FACTOR!  Tatum Creek consists of several farms, which allows placement of our guest without applying additional pressure to our Whitetail herd. Our wide, beautiful green fields are the best in this part of the South and stocked with plenty of deer.